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11 April
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V That quote (is from Skins) is there solely cos I have no clue what to say in these things. V

Karen: I don’t fit here.
Thomas: I don’t think it matters. I don’t fit anywhere.
Karen: But I like all the wrong things.
Thomas: Like?
Karen: You know. Gossip Girl, Davina, Dick Van Dyke, Lady And The Tramp, Hannah Montana, monster trucks, Dancing On Ice, mojitos, Rio Ferdinand, Marsala Zone, Pop Tarts, Jude Law’s accent in Cold Mountain, hair straighteners, Love Actually, Kylie, Whitney, Britney, Robbie, Brucie, L’Oreal, Wild At Heart, milk, comic relief, ponies, Posh, Becks, pecs, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and heavy petting. Oh, I fucking love that.

Anyways. I'm on here mainly for fandoms and all of that wonderful shit. I'm always on a major Harry Potter streak, but occasionally I throw in a few others. Right now those others happen to be... Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly, Skins, (only slightly) House and the Office, um... BBC Merlin, Good Omens, Dead Poet's Society, and a whole slew of musicals.

I'm totally open for suggestions (I do so always love new things to squee over) so if you have any for books or authors or movies or whathaveyou drop a line, yeah? Hmm... Other than that, I'm from a girl from Kentucky (but I'm trying to get out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so bring on college!), I'm not-entirely-out-in-the-open gay (I mean, it's Kentucky. Seriously.), and I absofuckinglutely love Remus and Sirius.

Which brings me to my ships. Harry Potter-- I'm a diehard Remus/Sirius shipper, and I also ship Draco/Harry on occasion, Luna/Draco, George/Fred, Regulus/Sirius, Regulus/Remus, Gideon/Fabian, Gellert/Albus, Albus S/Scorpius, and Teddy/any guy character (his age). And for everything else, Ianto/Jack (for Torchwood), Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler (for Doctor Who), Galinda/Elphaba (for Wicked), Thirteen/House, Thirteen/Wilson, Thirteen/Cameron, House/Wilson, Chase/Thirteen, Thirteen/MEEEE (for House), Neil/Todd, Charlie/Meeks (for Dead Poet's Society), Merlin/Arthur (for Merlin), Maxxie/Anwar, Maxxie/Tony, Naomi/Emily (for Skins) and... I think that's it!

So. Yeah.